Revolutionary Research

“By bringing Vail Health and SPRI together, we can make you heal better, faster. The sky’s the limit.” --Johnny Huard, PhD, SPRI Chief Science Officer

Steadman Philippon Research Institute is recognized worldwide for its orthopaedic research and innovative treatments. And now, SPRI is expanding its research like never before—with the study of stem cells. Stem cell research results show promise as a new standard treatment for injury and disease.

Top Research Priorities

Your gift to the campaign will further research at SPRI and Vail Health. Leading to better patient outcomes. Quicker recovery.

SPRI scientists are learning about the body’s power to heal from within. Resulting in less-invasive treatments. Faster, fuller recoveries. Their studies are looking at using patients’ own stem cells to treat injuries and illness. This work is showing signs of promoting healing. Slowing aging. And keeping people active longer.

SPRI’s Biomedical Engineering program is always on the lookout for better ways to treat orthopaedic injuries. We integrate research, patient care and education to improve the health of everyone wanting to stay active.

SPRI physicians can draw from an extensive database of patient CAT scans and MRIs. These advanced imaging technologies lead to greater discoveries. More accurate diagnoses. Improved treatments.

SPRI’s Center for Outcomes-Based Orthopaedic Research is a goldmine of data about medical treatments. This scientific information—spanning 20 years—drives research. Validates treatment. And improves patient and physician decisions.

Howard Head Sports Medicine sets new standards for physician therapy—generating breakthroughs worldwide. Your support will advance this research and return patients to their active lives faster and fully healed.

The time is now to expand research at one of the world’s premier centers for regenerative medicine—right here in Vail.

Join us in creating a healthy, active tomorrow for people worldwide

Your gift to the campaign will further SPRI research and patient care at Vail Health.